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2012 Hemera bottling. Alex and David Powell of Torbreck Alex and Rob at 3 Orris Alex and Rob Alex in Chair Alex & Rachel Ana and her two helpers Jean and Rob 2009 Ana and Jean Ana Lane and Rob in Moncalvo Pruning Vines in winter Ana wedding 3 Cape of Good Hope Caramany Caramany back side Carole Meredith OIV P21 Carole Merideth and Steve Lagier Enterance at Vin Expo Bordeaux 2011 Hospices de Beaune Wine Auction Jim's last OIVMsc class (P19) John John and John LIWF 2012 Artesy Bottle LIWF2 LIWF3 OIV  Msc P20 Girls OIV Msc  P20 at Lagier Meredith in Napa OIV Msc at LIWF party OIV Msc P20 at UC Davis OIV Msc P20 first dinner OIV Msc P20 girls in summer 2012 OIV Msc P20 in Argentina OIV Msc P20 in Argentina 2 OIV Msc p20 in Argentina b OIV Msc P20 in Greece a OIV Msc P20 in Greece OIV Msc P20 in Greece2 OIV Msc P20 in Hungry OIV Msc P20 in Napa OIV Msc P20 in Paris OIV Msc P20 in Paris b OIV Msc P20 in Paris c OIV Msc P20 last day in Spain OIV Msc P20 Mendoza Argentina OIV Msc P20 with Miguel Torres OIV Msc P20 with Robert Tinlot in Paris OIV Msc P20 OIV Msc P20's last night OIV Msc P21 at Hospice de Beaune Wine Auction OIV Msc P21 dinner with Professor Cabanas OIV Msc P21 Finance module OIV Msc P21 in Australia OIV Msc P21 in China OIV Msc P21 in China 3 OIV Msc p21 in Japan 2 OIV Msc p21 in Japan 3 OIV Msc P21 in Japan 4 OIV Msc P21 in Japan 5 OIV Msc P21 in Japan2 OIV Msc P21 in Napa with John Williams OIV Msc P23 girls in Cape Town OIV Msc P23 in RSA OIV Msc P23 in Washington 2011 OIv Msc Party Paris OIV Msc party Vin Expo 2011 OIV Msc reception at Vin Expo 2011 OIV P20 c OIV P20 with Allen Shoup in Seattle p20k P21 in China P21 in China 1 RMB1 Rob and Alex Vin Expo 2011 Rob and Ann Rob and Arnaud at Petrus Rob and the girls from OIV P20 Rob at Borde Vieille2 Rob at OIV in Paris Rob in Europe Rob in NZ Rob with Bottles Rob with Jim in China Rob witrh P20 at Vin Expo 2013 Roman Aqueduct 1 Roussillon France Sofia and Rob Thesis Defense Bordeaux with Philippe Guigal and Michel Bourqui Toga Trois Orris 2012 - Rob and Alex Vin Expo 2011 with Girls from OIV Msc P20 Vin Expo OIV Msc Reception 2011 Alex and Rob jquery lightbox image size by v6.0m

Robert Blasier

Alex Tanguy

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