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ARTéSY wines is a fusion of ideas between Alex Tanguy and Robert Blasier that started
during their OIV MSc Masters of Wine program in 2008. During that time, Alex and Rob
were exposed to some of the best vineyards, wineries, owners, and wine makers in the
world. Their idea was the fusion of the knowledge and wisdom that they had acquired
and to put it into a bottle to share with family and friends. Alex and Rob started a
partnership in 2010 to bring this concept into reality and Artesy wines was born. The
vision of ARTéSY is to focus on the terroir of one grape varietal (Syrah) and share it with
our customers in a continuous journey that produces a wine that is a moment of time
captured in a bottle. The idea is to produce hand crafted, artesian Syrah from only the
finest vineyards sourced from all over the world. These unique vineyards exhibit distinct
micro climates and a distinct “Terroir”. The mission of Artésy Wines is to journey around
the world to find these special Syrah vineyards and to allow our followers to share in
that journey. We use a traditional straight forward winemaking process and focus on the
distinct terroir that makes each of our Syrah’s special. What differentiates ARTéSY from
other wine producers is the fusion of the wine product, with the imagination and spirit of
a global adventure, and journey.

ARTéSY WINES. This name is a short abbreviation for “ARtisan TErroir SYrah”.....
ARTéSY! We are very excited about it. Our first two wines were bottled June 2, 2011
from two separate vineyards located in the foothills of the Pyrenees in Roussillon
France. ARTéSY decided to name our wines after Greek Goddesses. We named the
the first two wines “Hercules” and “Hemera”. It was barrel aged for 20 months in high
quality neutral French oak barrels (Saury and Sylvain). ARTéSY “Officially” launched our
brand (ARTéSY) and poured our wine for the first time at “Vin Expo” in Bordeaux
( at the OIV MSc reception Wednesday night June 22, 2011.

The goal of ARTéSY is to produce 6 different wines in 5 countries, 4 continents and two
hemispheres. As to date ARTéSY has produced Syrah in France, South Africa,
Australia, Priorat Spain, and Washington State USA. We hope to begin sourcing grapes
for a wine in the Rhone Valley. We will search the world to find the very best Syrah (and
Shiraz!) vineyards and bring them back home so everyone can share in the journey. So
please keep viewing the ARTéSY Wines web site ( for updated
news about handcrafted artesian Syrah from ARTéSY Wines!



Artesy Wines

Robert Blasier

Alex Tanguy

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